07 Jan 2014

What to wear in Norway

by Deborah Oomen

Practical tips for dressing like a Norwegian

It’s the land of Vikings, waffles, fjords, seafood, skiing, and brown cheese. But what to wear in Norway?

Norway Collage

Photo by Deborah Oomen

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19 Oct 2014

Giza Pyramids Tour and Sphinx

Giza Pyramids

Pyramids of Giza

The Giza necropolis is one of the world’s most famous historical sites, so I was braced for crowds of tourists. Instead, I found it surprisingly empty and even peaceful.

While it was nice to have the pyramids “to myself” local vendors were visibly disgruntled. They mentioned a shortage of tourists since the Arab spring, as many visitors are afraid of coming to Cairo.

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27 Jul 2014

Sights around Rome

Rome – Off the beaten path

Sights around Rome

Pretty excited for this tour.

Watch this video to see lesser known but important sites around Rome.

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12 Jul 2014

What to do in Geneva in the summer

What to do in Geneva in the summer

Geneva is not boring!

It may have a reputation for being small, uninteresting and overly regulated, but I doubt you will get that impression if you visit Geneva in the summer.Summer Geneva friends

Geneva Lake Parade

The Geneva Lake Parade is anything but tame.

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22 Jun 2014

Warning: Your style’s not hip enough for Berlin


Berlin street style inspiration

Berlin’s the hipster capital of the world. No matter how fashion-forward you think you are, this city will put your coolness to shame.

What to wear in BerlinBerlin began its ascent to trendiness in the 1990s. After the wall came down, there were a lot of empty apartment complexes and factories. Artists from the West side saw the opportunity to occupy them and came over to create an underground scene.

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13 Mar 2014

UK-Russia Year of culture tea party

UK Russia Year of Culture

Posh Sara trades her English teatime for the Russian version

Russian culture in London2014 is the UK-Russia Year of Culture, so if you’re a fan of Tolstoy, the Bolshoi Ballet and Soviet-era design – and can’t plan a trip to Moscow or St Petersburg in the coming months – London could be your second best option!

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18 Jan 2014

Italian pasta class in Rome

WILD pasta

Discovering the secret to Italian pasta

Pasta making class in RomeAfter being on my feet all day, I took a break from sightseeing and head to an Italian pasta class in Rome.

I was a bit apprehensive since it was my first time taking a cooking class. I’ve never made pasta from scratch either. But with a bit of scolding from the Chef, it turned out okay!

To start off, Chef David  sat us down on his loft terrace and served us appetizers and prosecco while he told us the short version of his life story. He worked in advertising for two decades before dropping his career and heading to cooking school.

Wild pasta!

David announced we would learn to make a type of pasta that we had never seen before. It’s called pici con amatriciana. Pici is a “wild” pasta, he explained. The pasta pieces are hand rolled and come out in different sizes. Amatriciana is a kind of sauce made with guanciale (cured pork cheek), pecorino cheese and tomato.

Every step of the way David proved to be encouraging and supportive, announcing “And now we drink!” at regular intervals.

Pici pasta

Introducing “pici” – the wild pasta.

Italian pasta class in Rome

They’re kind of funny looking, aren’t they?

There were five other attendees and all happened to be from LA. They planned to meet up back home to cook pasta together.

Pici con Amatriciana

Pici con amatriciana is served.

pici con amatriciana

Pasta class in Rome

The pasta making (and wine drinking) team.

The pasta making class is offered by Walks of Italy and it turned out to be a great way to unwind at the end of the day. You get to learn something new, meet new people, enjoy an Italian meal and have a laugh.

“And that’s it.”


Filming by the talented Emiliano Bechi Gabrielli of EmiSevenMedia.

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24 Dec 2013

8 style tips for the holidays

Style tips for the holidays

What to wear during the holidaysBy Yvette Naniuzeyi

Ideas for what to wear this season

The holidays are finally here and you know what that means: travels home or elsewhere and more festive styles. To keep up with the holiday cheer, here are 8 style tips for the holidays that will keep you fashion forward, wherever you are.

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08 Dec 2013

Brussels Christmas market antics

Riding the Ferris wheel in Place Sainte Katherine

Some people get really excited about Christmas and Ferris wheels.

Ferris wheel

Claire insists riding the Ferris wheel is a necessary activity.

Brussels Christmas Market

Ricardo would rather ride his bike than the Ferris wheel.

One (of the many) things about Crazy Claire that is difficult to understand is her enthusiasm for Ferris wheels. She also loves Christmas. So she was really excited about the Ferris wheel at the Brussels Christmas market. She hasn’t stopped bugging everyone she knows to come ride it with her.

She’s finally managed.

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18 Nov 2013

What to wear in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax style

Yvette advises on how to dress in Canada’s Atlantic hub

What to wear in Halifax

Yvette’s everyday style in Halifax, Canada.

Despite its small size, Halifax is the hub of Atlantic Canada and has an urban pulse alongside its small town charm. It also has four universities, meaning it’s full of young people with awesome laid back style.

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